Our Vision

At SmartSquad, we have a vision of error-free emergency medical response.

Our Mission

In pursuit of Our Vision, we provide smarter, faster emergency medical response tools, which are accessible to every EMS provider in the country.

Why SmartSquad

Errors in drug administration are among the most common medical errors. The highest error rates are to be expected in prehospital emergency medicine. Children are particularly at risk for such errors because of the need to calculate doses individually.

SmartSquad meaningfully reduces the frequency of these dangerous errors.



More than 56,000 pediatric patients receive the wrong dose of medication on our ambulances every year.

35% of pediatric patients are incorrectly dosed by EMS providers.

41% of paramedics don’t have a partner available to check their drug calculations.

More than 33% of medics state that they don’t actually get a weight they “..just give a smaller dose”.

Let’s be honest. The Broselow Tape™ isn’t enough.  It’s a good start but isn’t designed for the stress and lack of resources in EMS. If you’re serious about improving the outcome of your pediatric patients, you need a different approach. SmartSquad has created a simple system to ensure that you get the right medication, to the right patient at the right time.  Allowing you to focus on your patient and not stress over simple med math.

Adhesive Stretcher Decal

A non-permanent adhesive decal placed directly on the EMS cot mattress, so you’ll NEVER be left searching for your pediatric length based tape.

  • Increases provider familiarity
  • Simple layout with age/weight, vital signs and basic equipment information
  • Always up to date
  • Follows industry standard colors to be Broselow™   compatible
  • Fits EMS protocol standards

Medication Cards

A portable solution to show the provider not only the correct dose, but exactly HOW MUCH medication to administer to any patient.  Correlates to the information on the decal

  • Small and compact to be taken or stored anywhere
  • Breaks medications down by concentration, medication name, dose and volume to be administered
  • Includes electrical dosages
  • Includes all vitals, equipment and weight/age ranges

Medication Chart

The most comprehensive pediatric medication administration tool available, and the best part is you will never lose it.  This chart stays attached in your squad at all times giving the provider instant access to vital medication dose and volume recommendations.

  • Correlates exactly with the decal
  • Breaks medications down by concentration, medication name, dose and volume.
  • Includes all equipment sizes, weight/age ranges, vital signs and electrical dosages

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Uncode Corporation partners with vendors all around the world and cities to build and operate local greenhouses that cut time, distance, and costs in the market supply chain. Today, the global economy generates 85% more economic value.

Our external advisory board, this year consisting of 24 experts from 20 leading global research organiza- tions, plays a crucial role in assisting us in vetting solutions to ensure that our ve evaluation criteria are upheld. By us- ing a self-contained water heat pump, Energy takes unused thermal energy from existing air-conditioning systems and transfers it to the boilers’ circuit. This new and efficient thermal energy can then be used in showers, pools, and kitchens.

" It's reassuring to know that my local paramedics use SmartSquad. The less room for error there is in the event of an emergency, the better."

— Pat Grodach, Avon Lake Resident

The annual Uncode publication showcases 100 of the most innovative solutions from every corner of the globe that are working to create a cleaner, greener future and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Intelligent Energy Management
Green Bonds for Low-Impact Building
Incentivizing Green Commutes for Employees

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